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Profit Shastra is an institution where one can come with no prior knowledge of finance & get the best of both worlds that is academic and the practical. My teacher, mentor, critic Mr. Shashank Shringi, CFA has a conceptual way of teaching which makes the most complicated topics simple to understand. Profit Shastra proprietary notes are one of its kinds. The interactive investment club discussions & exposure to investment tools gives one an edge for the financial industry. A Profitshastri can never forget the rigorous weekly test, which makes you confidently prepared for the CFA exam. I will always be grateful to Profit Shastra for guiding me in the right direction. I recommend Proftshastra to students who want best cfa online coaching in pune, cfa coaching in pune , cfa coaching in delhi, cfa coaching in mumbai, cfa exam online training, cfa classes in Pune, best cfa coaching in india, cfa course in Pune, cfa course in mumbai .

Litesh Pahuja,
M&A Analyst, Rungta Advisors, B.Com, Passed CFA Level III Exam

Thank you Shashank Shringi, CFA. It wouldn't have been possible without your guidance and support from Profit Shastra. Credit also goes to Investment club meetings. Discussions at Investment club not only altered my way of thinking about finance and economics, but it also enabled me to gain command over theory and concept through practical orientation. In fact I would assign a higher weight age to Investment club for its contribution in my success, that helped me secure an investment banking profile. So formula, for my success story remains: Profit Shastra coaching + Investment club meetings + Shashank Shringi's guidance. I recommend Proftshastra for cfa coaching in pune.

Nevil Pardiwala,
M&A Associate, Intellecap, BCA, MBA, CFA Level II Exam Candidate

Shashank Shringi, CFA, has pioneered a CFA exam coaching methodology that focuses not only on the 'Conceptual' part (via discussion oriented lectures, rigorous tests, notes, individual counseling) of CFA exam but also on the equally important 'Application' part of it (via investment club, real life examples, placement assistance). This unique coaching methodology combined with Sir's commitment and enthusiasm makes Profit Shastra the best. Joining Profit Shastra will definitely add immense value to your career.I recommend Proftshastra for cfa coaching classes in pune

Tanmay Deshpande,
Sr. Research Associate, Evalueserve, BE, MBA, CFA Level III Exam Candidate

While seeking guidance from Shashank Shiringi, CFA, his approach and process of delivering knowledge is what captivated me and assured me that I am in good hands.
His unique method of blending theory and practical work ensures clear understanding of the concepts, application of these concepts and a broader knowledge base.
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
-Benjamin Franklin

His recipe of enabling students mull over and debate about the concepts and their application through his “investment club” gives Profit Shastra a substantial edge over the others. Taking into consideration all these benefits, it would help me grow and assure me that I will be able to enter my career confidently and be a step ahead of the rest. I recommend Proftshastra for best cfa coaching in pune

Trishla Surana,
BBA, CFA Level II Exam Candidate

Shashank Shringi, CFA, has unique methodology of teaching CFA concepts, which surely are not known to majority of people. Right Knowledge to right people at right time is what makes Profit Shastra stand out of the crowd amongst other institutes. The level of teaching and the way concepts are explained are at par with any other prestigious MBA college. Joining Profit Shastra has given enormous pool of knowledge to me which is the only reason for my placement today at Transparent Value Pvt. Ltd. For anyone who wants to challenge the finance world out there, to master the concepts and to be a fountain head of knowledge, all I can say is Profit Shastra is your guide, the perfect blend of concepts and applications. I recommend Proftshastra for cfa coaching center in pune

Yash Chaudhari,
Equity Research Analyst, Transparent Value, BE, MBA, CFA Level II Exam Candidate

Being in Profit Shastra for me is like being in space. It allows me to see various planets and factors as facets of finance and economy, being able to relate them together and have this top view to understand the universe of finance. Mr. Shashank Shringi's Profit Shastra is designed to deliver the best in the industry, a fact that only a ProfitShastri would know and every ProfitShashtri would agree to. Along with knowledge, professionalism, it has got a big comparative advantage in terms of developing the students personalities for a successful professional career.
Try Profit Shastra's interactive classes and the investment club and you will understand why I have so much to speak about it. I recommend Proftshastra for cfa coaching in pune maharashtra india

Vijaya Rathod,
Associate Project Manager, SG Analytics, B. Sc. (Computer Science), MBA, Passed CFA Level I Exam

Profit Shastra CFA coaching is the best coaching centre out there for a non-finance background person like myself, The way Concepts are taught here makes them easy to understand. Apart from coaching, regular investment club meeting helps in achieving better efficiency as well as better understanding of finance as whole.

Yogesh Adhate,
BBMIB, Passed CFA Level I Exam

Each and every topic was explained in detail with the help of relevant examples from current events. Mr. Shringi delivers lectures with much enthusiasm which clearly illustrates his penchant for this field. I am more than satisfied with the drilling that I received and glad that I chose to study under his guidance.

Jillian Wroughton,
MSc Finance Student, University of Sterling, Scotland, UK

Shashank has in-depth, hands on knowledge of Investment Banking industry and he has excellent ability to simplify the toughest and most complex of concepts. I would highly recommend Profit Shastra over any other coaching in the city.

Abhijit Natu,
Consulting Practice Manager, Oracle Financial Services Software, BE, Passed CFA Level I Exam

Joining Profit Shastra is a great decision that anyone aspiring to become a CFA charter holder or wanting to appear for CFA exams can take. It helped me understand the financial concepts to a much deeper extent which in turn boosted my confidence while appearing for the exams.

Vijay Shinde,
KPO Analyst

The "Shashank" Redemption'- Prior to Profit Shastra, finance to me was all about derivatives and an industry in which people make a lot of money. Post Profit Shastra, I realized the important role finance plays in every industry and the whole economy. Thanks to Shashank sir, I cleared my CFA Level 1 examination. Earlier, I was a greedy man. I am a hungry man now.

Amey Kulkarni,
Pre-Sales Consultant, FinIq, BE, MBA, Passed CFA Level I Exam

I am thankful to Shashank Sir for helping me with doubt clearing. His guidance along with rigorous practice tests every week helped me pass the CFA Level I exam with lot of confidence.

Chetan Gupta,
Financial Modeling Analyst, SG Analytics, CFA Level III Exam candidate, ICWA final candidate, B.Com (tax)

Personal attention, simplification of complex concepts, extra focus on practice will definitely help you to pass exam. Profit Shastra will surely bring a positive difference to your career. Profit Shastra is certainly a profitable investment and don't be surprised if you get more than expected returns.

Ganesh Divekar,
Sr. Manager, Yes Bank, BE, MBA, CFA Level III Exam Candidate

Rigorous training, interactive sessions, personalized doubt clearing sessions, LIVE examples, strong conceptual understanding, simplified notes is what Profit Shatra delivers to each of its students. Proud to be a Proft Shastri..!!!

Shruti Pillai,
BE, Passed CFA Level I Exam

I have chosen to learn from the best . When it comes to learning, CFA coaching and Finance career prospects, Mr Shashank Shringi is the perfect person. Under his mentorship program, I overcame my limitations. His teaching not only helps in understanding the curriculum and passing the exam but goes beyond in providing a real foundation for successful career.

Rahul Keswani,
BBA, CFA Level III Exam Candidate


October 2016
We are very proud of Rushikesh Bhise as he starts his Equity Research Analyst journey at ReVal Analytics. Rushikesh joined Profit Shastra for CFA Level I training after he graudated with his BCom degree. He passed his CFA Level I exam in the first attempt in June 2016 and received the job offer of Equity Research Analyst from Reval Analytics. We are so proud of Rushikesh and wish him all the success and happiness in his future investment banking career.

September 2016
Congratulations to Litesh Pajuha on his selection as Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Analyst at Rungta Advisors. Litesh joined Profit Shastra studies when he was in the final year of his BCom program. He studies for Level I for 10 months and cleared his CFA Level I exam along with BCom graduation. He than went on to pass his CFA Level II and CFA Level III exam in the first attempt as well while studying at Profit Shastra. We are all very proud of Litesh Pahuja and wish him all the success and luck.

May 2016
Congratulations to Abhishek Bapat on his selection as Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Analyst at Rungta Advisors. Abhishek is a CFA Level II Exam candidate at Profit Shastra.

April 2016
Congratulations to Nevil Pardiwala on his selection as Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Associate at Intellecap. Nevil is a CFA Level II Exam candidate at Profit Shastra.

March 2016
Congratulations to Sunil Joshi on his selection as Business Analyst at Hexagon. Sunil attended CFA Level I Exam training at Profit Shastra and passed the exam with flying colours.

December 2015
We would like to congratulate Kirti Basantani on her job selection with Credit Suissed First Boston (CSFB). Kirti has received one of the highest job offers till date at Profit Shastra. Kirti studied for CFA Level I Exam Coaching at Profit Shastra and cleared here CFA Level I Exam in June 2015.

May 2015
Congratulations to Vivek Patil on his selection as Financial Analyst (Equity Research) at Transparent Value. Vivek passed CFA Level I Exam in December 2014. We wish Vivek Patil all the best as he embarks on his investment banking career. Congratulate Vivek on Profit Shastra facebook page

May 2015
Heartiest congratulations to Yogesh Patil on his selection as Equity Research Analyst at ReVal Analytics. Yogesh is preparing for his CFA Level I Exam at Profit Shastra. Great job Yogesh. Congratulate Yogesh on Profit Shastra facebook page