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Profit Shastra specializes in CFA® Exam coaching and test preparation. It offers best in class CFA exam preparation and job enabling investment banking training courses like Financial Modeling & Equity Research that are dedicated to providing the greatest possible return to our students. Profit Shastra offiers CFA Level 1, CFA Level 2 and CFA Level 3 exam coaching services. We have achieved consistent 80% success rate in the CFA exam, making us the best CFA exam coaching provider in the world. Profit Shastra courses are designed for corporate and individuals to measurably improve job-related skills in the areas of Finance and Investments.

We also help our students with job placements and practical exposure to industry best practices via cfa classes in Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi. Lectures are also delivered online to students all over the world. World class industry practioners as faculty, personal attention & mentoring, high CFA exam success rate, weekly practice test, placement services, access to full time doubt solving faculty, availability of recorded lectures, use of real-world financial tools like Barclay's Live, BondHub, Bloomberg for training aid are some of the highlights of our training programs. Our classroom and live online CFA classes are condcted in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi.

Students at Profit Shastra also gain free admission to investment club sessions that connect theory to the real world. Students are also given access to the Alumni network of Profit Shastra for enhanced career networking.

Profit Shastra offers both classroom and live online training programs. Profit Shastra currently has CFA coaching classes in Pune. Students from other cities in India and other countries of the world join our LIVE Online training for CFA Exam.


October 2016
We are very proud of Rushikesh Bhise as he starts his Equity Research Analyst journey at ReVal Analytics. Rushikesh joined Profit Shastra for CFA Level I training after he graudated with his BCom degree. He passed his CFA Level I exam in the first attempt in June 2016 and received the job offer of Equity Research Analyst from Reval Analytics. We are so proud of Rushikesh and wish him all the success and happiness in his future investment banking career.

September 2016
Congratulations to Litesh Pajuha on his selection as Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Analyst at Rungta Advisors. Litesh joined Profit Shastra studies when he was in the final year of his BCom program. He studies for Level I for 10 months and cleared his CFA Level I exam along with BCom graduation. He than went on to pass his CFA Level II and CFA Level III exam in the first attempt as well while studying at Profit Shastra. We are all very proud of Litesh Pahuja and wish him all the success and luck.

May 2016
Congratulations to Abhishek Bapat on his selection as Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Analyst at Rungta Advisors. Abhishek is a CFA Level II Exam candidate at Profit Shastra.

April 2016
Congratulations to Nevil Pardiwala on his selection as Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Associate at Intellecap. Nevil is a CFA Level II Exam candidate at Profit Shastra.

March 2016
Congratulations to Sunil Joshi on his selection as Business Analyst at Hexagon. Sunil attended CFA Level I Exam training at Profit Shastra and passed the exam with flying colours.

December 2015
We would like to congratulate Kirti Basantani on her job selection with Credit Suissed First Boston (CSFB). Kirti has received one of the highest job offers till date at Profit Shastra. Kirti studied for CFA Level I Exam Coaching at Profit Shastra and cleared here CFA Level I Exam in June 2015.

May 2015
Congratulations to Vivek Patil on his selection as Financial Analyst (Equity Research) at Transparent Value. Vivek passed CFA Level I Exam in December 2014. We wish Vivek Patil all the best as he embarks on his investment banking career. Congratulate Vivek on Profit Shastra facebook page

May 2015
Heartiest congratulations to Yogesh Patil on his selection as Equity Research Analyst at ReVal Analytics. Yogesh is preparing for his CFA Level I Exam at Profit Shastra. Great job Yogesh. Congratulate Yogesh on Profit Shastra facebook page


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